When locals refer to the Rim by Lake Powell, they’re not talking about the white bathtub ring that surrounds the lake. The Rim Trail is an approximately 10.5 mile trail that circles the small town of Page, Arizona. Parts of the trail are very isolated and can provide people with a connection to the desert landscape and an escape into nature. The trail is rated as moderate and can accommodate various riders of different skill levels.

The average rider can expected to finish the trail in about two hours. This includes water breaks and pictures along the way. The fastest anyone has completed the trail is around 45 minutes. Riders from the Rim Trail Race Team are more likely to hit this mark than the casual rider or someone visiting the trail for the first time.

The Rim Trail is where Rim Trail Bike gets its name. What started off as Rim Trail Bike and Hike expanded with Rim Trail Bike Rentals in 2019. The connection goes back to the trail and the people in Page who ride and hike the trail. The landscape here entices people from all over the world to come and visit, and the Rim Trail is a hidden gem in the desert.

Our goal is to share what we love about Page and get people riding and enjoying the desert scenery. We want people to be active and to make that connection with nature–whether it is in navigating rock and sand obstacles or powering through the next hill. Our bikes are built for this terrain, and riding the Rim Trail is an experience worth having. We love where we live, and we encourage everyone who visits the area to get out and ride.